Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

High Definition Lasers

With our high definition Trumpf lasers, capable of cutting up to 1″ thick steel and our Programmable press breaks, Gee Manufacturing is capable of cutting and shaping virtually any raw metal material into precision finished products.

Your Project. Realized.

Precision finished parts. On time, and on budget.

Additional Services

  • Manways & Replacement Parts
  • Repairs On Existing Tanks & Equipment

On Site Erection Services

Our fabrication department, with its 25 and 30-ton mobile cranes, enable us to complete your project on time at your location.

Expertise. Design. Value.

It’s not often you’ll find a company that literally can “do it all.” Everything you need is right here because Gee Manufacturing has the machines and the mastery “in-house.” From planning to installs, we’ve spent years making it incredibly easy for you.